Fit Friends Holiday Guide

Holiday shopping can be a challenge, especially when you think your athletic friend or significant other has it all. As someone who owns all things fitness (and almost nothing else), here are some awesome gifts that everyone would love! I’ve even priced them low to high for you. Happy Shopping!




These burpee socks are everything! And while I’ll admit that not everyone loves  burpees, we could all use a pick-me-up during that sweaty breathless torture move! These socks are $9.99 and can be found on




The athlete in your life will love/hate you for buying them a foam roller! It’s that special kind of pain… you know what I mean. Available on Amazon for $19.





Californian’s be like… it’s FREEZING! And I have to admit, I’d wear these Nike Running Gloves even when I’m watching TV. $15 at Nike or







Wireless headphones: perfect for a gym workout or hiking Runyon Canyon and definitely a treat for your fit friend! Who wants to deal with all those cords? Price varies depending on brand. $50-$200





Get your friends up and moving with the FitBit! Geek out on all the calories, heart rate monitors and steps you take. It’s fun! Pricing varies depending on model. $60-$250 at







Lululemon Gym To Win Duffel has all the features for your serious fitness friends! Mesh, polyester fabric (easy to clean!), fits a yoga mat inside! And airs itself out so there’s no more stinky gym clothes. $148 at Lululemon.








New Nikes never hurt no one! No matter how many pairs of shoes your fitness beau has, they’ll appreciate a sparkly new pair. Trust me. $150 at Nike or




1360761562 A week of food delivery from Klean LA! Most people over-eat and under-exercise over the holiday season. A week of all organic calorie controlled food will get them back on track! Maybe one for you, too! $324 at





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