• Renee T.

    “If I could sum up Cross Train in one word, it would be RESULTS. If you commit to the engaging, dynamic, and fun program you will see results within the first month. After that, you’ll never want to go anywhere else! Both Dylan and Dave are knowledgable fitness instructors that encourage and challenge their students to sculpt and tone their bodies. They provide a great workout, nutrition tips, and a positive environment to do your best. Even though it’s and I’d be sore afterward, I really looked forward to it- even to the one at 6:30 AM! Cross Train is a great program, after 30 days of kettlebell, pilates, yoga stretches and eating right I felt amazing. Oh and those results I mentioned? 7lbs lighter, and 3 inches smaller. Boom!”

  • Margarita K.

    “I’ve tried every trendy work out there is out there, until I came to Cross Train, and really saw a difference inside and out. Dylan and David Schenk strive to help you reach your goals. I’ve been going to the gym for most of my life, and nothing worked like Cross Train works. I’m enjoying being a part of this progressive studio.” –Margarita K.

  • Scott L.

    “By the end of September 2012, I weighed 190 pounds – nearly 70 more than when I met my future wife way back in 1990. I was drinking heavily, eating like crap, my cholesterol was 300 plus – I had basically given up on myself. Two weeks later, I signed up at Cross Train. It was brutal at first, physically and mentally.

    With a consistent, weekly 6-day regimen I have lost nearly 30 pounds, 3 waist sizes and 3 inches off my abs. Dylan and Dave’s magical vibe has rubbed off in other areas as well: I have drastically reduced my drinking, completely revamped my diet – hell, I even got a job: not one, but two!” -Scott L

  • Anna K.

    “Cross Train proved me wrong… it is possible to change your body without spending your life in the gym!

    Having played competitive sports from the age of 10, my inner geezer comes out when introduced to new fitness regimens. I graduated from college on a volleyball scholarship and unfortunately trying to maintain a grasp on the athletic endurance I built up through college has been nothing short of exacerbating. I’ve done almost every cross-training and/or supplemental sports workout there is and although they all build muscle and control my weight, there is never more than .25 – .5 inch change in my measurements.

    Cross Train’s approach to fitness is the most effective approach I’ve done to date! Dylan and Dave are a dynamic duo, whose workouts not only empower you to become stronger but also whittle away those “problem areas” doctors and expert’s say can’t be targeted. I never thought in a million years I would feel stronger and literally be smaller (than when I was in high school even!). In just over 3 weeks I’ve lost 3 inches from my waist & hips and feel like I struck gold at Cross Train!!!

    I’m not one to push workouts or exercise plans ~ in fact the only reason I tried Cross Train was because a friend peer preasured me!  That said, this is an awesome gym and a totally “do-able” workout that will get your body into Hollywood worthy shape without taking up your entire day!!!” -Anna K

  • Kasia P.

    “I love, love, love Cross Train!!  In my first month I have lost 3.5 inches and really feel my body starting to transform (muscle replacing fat isn’t a bad deal!).  I am so excited to see what will happen after month two!

    I have tried many different fitness regimens, and I really have seen the most quick, drastic results here.

    My doctor recommended pilates to me after a bad back injury left me unable to exercise for over six months.  I was initially a bit hesitant about bootcamp as I didn’t want to re-injure myself, but after the first class my fears went away.  ALL of the classes focus on proper form, while kicking my butt and burning calories!  -Kasia P.

  • Doug E.

    “The Cross Train Method works.  Dylan and Dave have helped me to lose over 20 lbs and get rid of my back pain.  My newfound energy, strength and flexibility has also improved my golf and tennis game, which has been an added bonus.  I highly recommend Cross Train!” -Doug E.

  • Christine L.

    “First off, I HATE exercising!!  I’ve never been naturally active and there’s not an ounce of athletic ability in my genes.  It has always been challenging for me to stay in shape just because I lose interest after a few weeks when I don’t see any progress.  With that said, I just finished my first month at CrossTrain and I am very satisfied with the results!!  I lost 5 lbs, including 4 inches off my waist and about an inch of my hips.  I’m only 4’11’ (now 115 lbs) so those results are incredible and I can wait to lose more!  I also followed the plant based diet that was recommended with the work outs and although challenging at times, I’m so happy I did it!  I’m amazed with how disciplined I became, not only with the diet but also with the lifestyle change; I couldn’t have done it without Cross Train!  David and Dylan are so nice and helpful, and their studio is not intimidating at all!  Whether you’re looking to tone up or wanting to drop serious pounds, give Cross Train a try, you’ll fall in love!”  -Christine L

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