Your workouts are random (and so are your results)!

Los Angeles is a hotspot for group fitness classes. From dance cardio to CrossFit, Piloxing, hot yoga, and underwater cycling… you can find it in LA.  Sure, it’s fun to change up your routine… but is it worth it?  Services like ClassPass and large gyms offer tons of fitness variety on every corner… but what about RESULTS?
There is one main reason you aren’t getting those results you really want: Your fitness program is random and unstructured. 
Let’s talk about high-level athletes, triathletes, or body builders. Do they do random workouts? Or do they have a goal and consistently and methodically work towards that goal? As your trainer, let me tell you this: clients with the best results have a specific goal, and they do a combination of group classes and private training to achieve it. 
There are two reasons this combo is extremely effective:
1. Personal training is PERSONALIZED. We have the opportunity to talk about your goals and set you up with a training schedule. This usually includes group classes for your cardio and interval training. In a private training session we perfect your form and help you to push your limits every time. Unlike a class setting, we make sure that you squat below parallel and stretch muscles that are keeping you from your full potential.
We focus on your specific results. That means working with a weight and rep count that suits your goals. Want to build muscle? That’s a completely different program that someone who wants to lose weight. Yep, I said it… you won’t get everything you need out of a group class. Personal training offers accountability on your diet program and keeps you consistently on track with weekly check-ins and weigh-ins! Are you really going to overeat if you know you’re getting weighed on Monday? 
And finally, you’ll learn about health, fitness, and training. There is so much bogus content out there and we’re here to help. Ask away!!
2. Group classes are awesome! The music is pumping, your instructor is highly caffeinated, and there’s a surge of energy in the room. This is an awesome way to get your cardio and interval training done. How many times per week should you train in group classes? Well you might know that if you talked with your trainer about your goals! If you’re looking to bulk up, cut your cardio/intervals to 1x week. Fat loss and lean out? Increase interval training to 4x week.  Want to raise your metabolism? Let’s talk. 
Even Dave and I have trainers/mentors. We are constantly working to improve our lifts, learn new techniques and become better movers to constantly improve our fitness game. Personal training is an investment in yourself and your life (I can almost guarantee that you spend more on eating out that you would spend on a trainer!!).
Dylan Schenk is a 34cfa19certified nutritionist through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University. She is the co-owner and creator of CROSS TRAIN, and one of LA’s top trainers.  Dylan is a Pilates, yoga, kettlebell, and TRX instructor, as well as a raw food junkie, gluten-hater and passionate health addict. Dylan is an international speaker and has been published in Fitness Magazine, Marie Claire, and Glamour magazine as well as many online publications for her revolutionary approach to health and fitness. Stay connected with Dylan via FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.
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